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Spanish Property: Paramount Theme Park Update

For those looking to invest in Spanish property in the Murcia region, the development of the new Paramount Park is of interest. All being well, the park will generate a great number of extra visitors to the region and it is thought will have a significant impact on property prices


There have been delays in beginning construction and as yet there appear to be no firm plans with regards to finance, but it is still hoped that the construction of a new Paramount Park in Alhama de Murcia will take place and open towards the end of 2015. Despite the delay, some new plans for the park were released in early February 2014. These 3D plans and artwork detail how the park will be laid out and the rides that will be included.

The park will have five 'lands': Paeso Paramount, Adventure City, Rango's West, the Enchanted Forest and Plaza Futura. Here's a breakdown of what to expect.

Paeso Paramount

This will be at the entrance and will contain a plaza and street with retail outlets and food and drink services. Those that are staying at the Paramount Park Hotel will have direct access to this area. The central square here will feature a fountain which will use water, music and lights to create a centrepiece, and an auditorium that will house entertainment in the form of shows and musicals inspired by popular Paramount movies. This is the also the area that will connect to the other lands. Click this site.

Adventure City

This land will be inspired by The Godfather, Mission Impossible and Grease films. Two Mission Impossible attractions are planned, a Grease bumper car ride, and two restaurants, one a fifties diner, and the other based on the restaurant in the Godfather movies. Click here:

Rango's West

This land will have a western theme, with the typical rides like a mine train and rapids. It will be based on a village, the twist being that everyday objects will be giant sized, to make visitors feel like they have been miniaturised. They'll also be shops, restaurants, shows and a kid's play area.

The Enchanted Forest

This area is based on films involving magic and fantasy. There will be a Sleepy Hollow area and 3D show. An area inspired by the Stardust movie featuring a magical village with wizards and witches, and finally a forest area based on Spiderwick Chronicles which will be full of magical creatures like fairies and ogres and several rides for children.

Plaza Futura

Plaza Futura, or 'Tomorrowland' is essentially a land based on science fiction. The big franchise here is Star Trek. The plaza will have a retro-futuristic design and be home to some big Star Trek rides and attractions.

The new Paramount Park is being seen as a rival to Euro Disney and has the potential to have a major impact on Murcia property prices. Watch this space.

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