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Carousel - General Information, History and Beyond

Carousel, which has another name, Merry-Go-Round, has become one of the most famous attractions in any fair or theme park. In every country, in almost every theme park, there is a place which is reserved for Carousel, a kind of amusement ride that everybody loves to ride. The basics of the ride is a rotating platform, where players will sit on the wooden chairs or animal-shaped figurine for kids. During the ride, the chair goes up and down, while the entire platform continues to go around in a circle, along with the background music, which is usually the loop of the circus music, in combination is the experience of a true carousel ride. Click here:

The history of the famous ride

It is amazing to know that the concept of the Carousel had appeared in around the 500 AD period. Based on some researches, there was a ride, which had a pole in the center and chairs moving around in a circular movement. The idea of this ride was basically based on the war of the 12th century between the Turkish and the Arabians. Since then, the concept was improved and made it to the carousel that you find today. Click this website: to know Beston company.

Art on Carousel

As an amusement ride, the Carousel must be made to attract guests to come and play. Shortly after the first discover, the carousel has attracted the interest of various artists who want to renovate this ride. Colorful pictures with details, abstract colors with illusions are usually seen in carousel. It has been a while since the first picture was designed with the carousel. Nowadays, there are thousands of carousels all over the world. Most of them have different images and decorations, but all of them still have the simple mechanism: chairs go around the center point. The music in the background had been included in the carousel a long time ago. Usually it is just a loop song to play over and over again to amuse people who came and rode the carousel. The background music also plays an important role to make people know that this is the carousel ride.

The popularity of Carousel

After going through a lot of great developments, it has today become one of the most popular rides in any circus or fair. People love to ride the Carousel, love to watch the beautiful art on it. For some people, just watching the beautiful light from the carousel is a pleasure. Carousel is also a symbol of fair or trade fair. In any fair in the UK or the US, there usually has a presence of the carousel. It only takes a small place in the trade fair, but usually it attracts lots of guests.


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