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Want Fun in Hyderabad's Water Park?

Water parks have long been a regular part of the landscape, but their enclosed iteration has become increasingly popular, and no region has embraced them like the Escape water park.

A culture unique to these hermetic worlds has emerged - one full of people marching purposefully through long corridors in bathrobes and flip-flops, of every imaginable deep-fried food, and of an unstated but unending arms race to build water rides ever more elaborate and dare-devilish. There are water park regulars, who already seem to know all the secrets specific to each park, like where to get a towel, how to claim an unoccupied seat in the mass of lawn chairs perched in front of the rides and the wisdom of hauling in boxes, even luggage carts, stacked with cereal from home.

Inside many of these parks, there is essential, standard fare: a padded area where young children can toddle through water sprayers and flop down mini-slides into the shallowest of puddles; a surfing ride that mimics an ocean wave (and looks as mortifying to the novice as real ocean surfing); a lazy river that sends people bobbing on floats around a mesmerizing, gentle path and on and on; a wave pool that bounces riders up and down, up and down, up and down, until a wave calms and a new one sets in; and, of course, all variety of water slides and rides.

For all the dependable standbys, however, there is another constant at the giants among these parks, and that is the need never to stay the same. One-upmanship is the rule. Rides must be ever higher and faster and scarier. And when that is not enough, it is time to resort to new dimensions on regular old dry land - zip slides and climbing walls. Click here:

The latest, then, in water slides? How about locking yourself in a coffinlike capsule and withstanding a sudden, slam-down drop. It lasts only a few breathless seconds but leaves memories, those bold enough to try it say, that are unshakable.

While plenty of water parks share some features, these places are by no means replicas of one another. They differ in scale and feel and likely audience. Here is a sampling from Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin, meant to represent a wide range - from the simplest to the most ambitious and in a variety of Hyderabad locales.

The ambience in park has been designed considering the weather in Hyderabad.

The first moments inside a water park complex almost always jar your senses. A rush of moist, chlorine-scented air fills your nose. Bright, cartoon colors, not to mention characters, surround you. And then there is the continuous loop of pop tunes vying with an endless whir of water - splashing, spraying, gurgling, rushing, dumping. On this last point, a caution to the uninitiated: if a bell or gong sounds, it is worth glancing up since it is likely to be a warning that some enormous vat of water overhead is preparing to dump its contents, and everyone but you knows it.

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